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Thursday, April 14, 2011

The Stage Monkeys

     The Stage Monkeys is an improvisational comedy group that performs every other Thursday night at the University of Southern Mississippi.  These performers are truly hilarious, and the shows, from 7-9 p.m., are always entertaining.  
     The performing group is made up of students from the university, and the only costumes worn are bright orange t-shirts to distinguish the members from the audience, which at times, is more important than it might at first seem.  The shows are always audience-interactive, with the host constructing games around audience suggestions.  Sometimes, members even distribute themselves among the audience members, and games are then played with the audience as important part.  
     The games the monkeys play are almost like Mad Lib puzzles come to life.  For example, in one game, three guests, each with a distinct quirk, arrive one-by-one to a party thrown by a fourth monkey, the host in this game.  To determine each guest's quirk, the host of the show asks the audience for suggestions with prompts like, "What is this monkey obsessed with?" while the host of the party is out of the room.  The host must then guess the particular quirk of each of his guests while the guests themselves drop subtle, funny hints.  
     It is astonishing and impressive how quickly some of the monkeys can make their guesses while being witty and funny the entire time.  

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